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M(ha!)TV’s annual VMA awards show is finally upon us this year and I can BARELY contain my excitement…

Yeah…my “excitement”.

This year’s line-up has SOME star-power but what does it all mean ? I mean : Green Day, Alicia Keys and  Pink. They are all great and all…but where are the current crop of Pop’s “Tops”? Plus, if you are going to pull some of the “new old-guard” out for this type of thing…can’t you do better MTV? Sorry, It had to be said. These artist are all very good but they are kinda irrelevant nowadays.

Yeah, I said it.

Maybe their new albums (the real reason they are even going to be performing in the first place) will justify this line-up? Maybe not.

Either way, It leads me to the same spot/thought that I find myself in every year the VMAs roll around : do I watch it and be disappointed again ? Or do I watch it and be bored (but expected to be bored in the first place)?


It is no secret that the VMAs  have been regularly crappy (on and off)  for nearly the last 10 years . The last really good VMAs that I can remember was the 2006 VMAs . The one where Britney Spears choked and nearly ruined her career and Rihanna took the “Pop Princess” crown away from her. Britney has since bounced back in a VERY big way (even though some damage was done) but the VMAs themselves have been in a rut. Besides some great individual  moments scattered over the last few years (Lady Gaga’s superstar-making performance is the most obvious…along with Pink’s high-wire act when she was a little more “relevant”) the VMAs have been a SNOOZE-fest.

Am I getting too old? Is this why the VMAs don’t have the same magic anymore. I would like to think that this is not the case. I still LOVE and OBSESS over music (always will) so I seriously doubt that my passion for the IDEA of the VMAs is the cause of my lackluster reaction to the yearly event. I think the real culprit is MTV’s general lack of interest in music nowadays (and they focus on reality television which is SOOOOO profitable now). MTV isn’t invested in music anymore and it shows.

Where is Nicky Minaj? Lady Gaga? Adel? M.I.A (who is LONG overdue to be given her chance to ROCK the VMA stage)? Hell even Madonna and Kylie Minogue are more relevant that Pink and Keys (no disrespect to either one)…Where are the cool new rockers ? I know and listen to them .

Bring in some Brits dammit.

I know that I am going to watch the show tonight. Call me a hopeless devotee to the idea that music and MTV still matter.

I might be wrong .


Here is a status update  to my Friends on Facebook today:

“Dear America,

Fifty Shades of Grey!? Fifty Shades of Grey!? come the F*CK on! Haven’t we seen this before? It’s CALLED “EROTICA” and the “SEX” book! Isn’t this the same type of fantasy stuff that got Madonna forever hated by some people? That’s it! America has finally managed to make bondage and various “kink” uncool….Now it has become Oprah book-club soccer-mom bullshit!? What the hell!

That is all.”

As you can probably tell, I have finally emerged from my NBA basketball coma and have directed my attention to what is going on in  pop-culture/the world at large.

What the hell is happening to people with this “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy crap?

Is America really this horny all of sudden? Fifty shades of Grey. Magic Mike. Vampire Orgies on True Blood. Mainstream coach-potato America is getting comfortable showing off their sexual curiosities in public? It is as unsettling as watching your parents drunkenly make-out at a family reunion…and probably even more rote looking! It all seems so artless AND raunch-less at the same time. It occupies that BORING grey area that America seems really good at finding. It’s that banal/mediocre area that is searched out like a truffle and gorged on by the masses.

I can’t wait for the Fifty Shades empire and branding to come next: Fifty shades curtains, fifty shades butt plugs, fifty shades soap for washing away the “shame” and fifty shades Ray Bans  (I got a million ideas for them… 🙂 ) . All of this will happen until we “shoot” our collective load on this type of stuff and “walk-of-shame” our way back to pretending that we don’t think of this stuff all of the time…again.

Ultimately that is what really bothers me about this little KINK/FETISH  phase America seems to be going through right now. We don’t know how to handle incorporating sex into our society in a mature way . So we end up seesawing  between “sexy” and “saints” . Until we can learn how to incorporate sex into the pop-culture  without the stupid shame dance afterwards…we should leave the kink to the Germans and French (not to mention the Dutch).

No one likes a mere “Tourist” into dark/different territory!

Bad! Bad America!…you “dirty little whore”!  lol!

I am all for people exploring a little more. Only if this is all SHAME FREE, though. No one wants a bunch of psychologically damaged straight-laced people with regrets walking around, condemning everyone because they couldn’t handle it.

lol 🙂 !

Derek Fisher is Hilarious! I love it 🙂 …Maybe I should explain?


In the ultimate act of rebellion, against the ultimate act of betrayal from his former team (the LA Lakers), Derek Fisher decided to sign with inter-conference rivals the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA basketball team. This is great stuff. The Thunder was in need of a pass-first point guard who could reliably hit a 3-pointer (especially in a pressure packed game in the closing seconds) and now they have one…and a veteran NBA player with 5 rings (and now a GRUDGE) no less. Maybe Fisher has nothing in the tank left to give an NBA team? Maybe he was burnt-out on the Lakers team and has now been given enough of a spark to propel the OKC Thunder to the Finals (and possibly an edge mentally and talent-wise to push them pass the Heat/Bulls if they get there)?  Awesome stuff!

check it out !

The past week has seen something truly remarkable in NBA basketball. This week we have all witnessed (sorry Lebron) the rise of Jeremy Lin! Lin has emerged from seemingly “nowhere” to enchant/amaze the professional basketball world AND the World at large. But, Like fellow New Yorker Jay-Z said: “difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week” . All of this from a 6’3″ (former) third-string point guard that was cut twice from two previous NBA teams this year.

It has all seemed like one fantastic dream and amazingly enough, it started out as a dream. This dream came from the imagination of  Lin’s father Gie-Ming Lin and took shape in the hard work and perseverance he extended to his sons (on the court AND in the classroom). The senior Lin’s dream and sacrifice can be read in a story documented by ESPN (way back in 2009)…read about it here 

Lin’s opportunity and  success is nothing short of incredible. As an undrafted ivy-league Asian American player, all the odds were against this guy. The fortunate fact that he managed to make it to the league and literally fall into the perfect situation is of near biblical proportions (for this religious individual). Firstly, ivy-league players have a hard time getting respect for their talents (because of their competition) and Asian-American players get less respect (hate to say it, but scarcity and racism).  Then, as mentioned earlier , he was cut by two teams! Next, he ends up with a team that runs a system tailor-made for his type of basketball skills (the ball-handling, courtvision, decision-making, and scoring)….BUT this team has two superstars already and seemingly no way to let this guy play. Finally though, the team struggles and a (very) slight crack opens up for him to prove himself. Lin seized the opportunity like it was his last . It probably was. They say success is 10% skill and 90% “luck”. 

 To paraphrase Charles Barkley : “Stephon Marbury is rolling over in his grave!”

Make no mistake LIN HAS MAJOR SKILLZ (yes with a “Z”) to go with that amazing luck of ending up in the situation he ended up in. He may be ivy-league but his game is as legit as anyone’s. People forget that, at the time , Lin was the driving force to Harvard having it’s best season in 25 years. The closer you look, the more this guy’s success seems appropriate. (p.s. NBA legend Gary Payton ran basketball clinics with this kid when he was 15 years old…just saying…

The Steve Nash comparisons Lin elicits are real and not just on the surface. Remember, Nash was marginalized because of his race and the division he played in (college). Although, Lin got it worse. (btw…the recent Teabow comparisons are ridiculous. I LOVE TEABOW but it is very different socio-political territory).

Because of the unlikely circumstances surrounding Lin’s arrival to New York, the whole world gets to see this story of triumph. because he ended up in New York (media capital of the world) we all get to share in this experience. If Lin was doing this in a smaller market NBA team (Utah or something), he would still be great but the whole world might not be watching this. Only us basketball fanatics would know about him.

This is the power of sports. This is what non-sports fans (who usually and understandably) “don’t get what all the fuss is about”, don’t normally see. Basketball , like all sports, is ultimately just a game. It is the people involved that gives these games their power. Ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things inspires us to do extraordinary things in our own lives. MJ may inspire a kid who will never touch a basketball to dream of flying high in his own pursuits. Jackie Robinson may inspire someone who hates baseball (like me. sorry) to push through all manner of social obstacles with bravery and confidence. Lin is on the road to empowering himself and many others (Asian and non-Asians alike).

What makes Lin so special is that , not only is he really talented but he also is really humble and team oriented. In fact that humility is probably what has driven his success as much as anything. He obviously knows how talented he is…it shows in his confidence on the court. But, he didn’t walk around with a “chip” on his shoulder like the league owed him anything. He recognized that he needed to go out and make his opportunity happen. He didn’t gripe about being the third option on a team that obviously needed him. He was thankful he even got the chance to be on the team. Thankful that they put time and money into him…and SHINED for the TEAM when his time to showcase himself arrived. Selflessness and humility will always trump bitterness and ego. Even if it takes time for it to pan out. The good people know that and Lin is a special good guy.

It all hasn’t been a love-fest for Lin though. Along with the overwhelming positivity that has been shown for Lin’s rise, there have been doubters and mean-spirited marginalization of what Lin has been doing too. Floyd Mayweather (for example) has reportedly made a racist remark about Lin. But all he has done is expose himself and remind the world of  previous racist remarks that slid under the radar (ugliness doesn’t know when to quit, so that is a plus). Others have doubted the sustainability of Lin’s accomplishments (he has sustained it brillantly so far).

 How can anyone (including Floyd Mayweather) let someone else’s good fortune and happiness piss them off to the point public animosity? That’s a whole other thing for him to figure out. But as a fellow African-American, I find it really sad and (slightly) embarrassing for him to speak of  someone who has his own (similar) struggles so poorly. Hopefully, Mayweather sees how bad that is and makes a personal effort to be a more decent person. No one is perfect, but it is perfectly unacceptable to genuinely be that disgusting to someone for no reason. A Mayweather maturation probably won’t happen though…Mayweather seems like the type to (when confronted) become even more defensive of an obviously flawed point of view…ego holds these types back.

Lin has remained focused and has kept a winning smile on his face throughout. This is what a good family and a good team around you can do for you. This is one more lesson that sports has the power to show us on a ‘worldwide stage’.

The Lin story is relevant/powerful  stuff and the best thing to happen in a NBA season that started out so ugly. Arguments centered around greed and selfishness (the lock-out) have taken a back-seat to hard work and positivity.

It almost doesn’t matter how long this feel-good situation for Lin and the Knicks will last…

The ripple effect of widespread positivity is already touching the lives of many individuals. Those who choose to embrace the good part of this are being treated to something truly awe-inspiring. I’m glad I jumped on the bandwagon (and offered my friends bandwagon seats) early! 

I am currently watching the NBA on TNT. It’s the Dallas Mavericks v. the Oklahoma Thunder and damned if they aren’t trying to make Russell Westbrook (Point Guard for OKC) the scapegoat for all of his teams “woes”. I can’t believe it….

Westbrook is a lightning quick point guard and maybe the fastest guy in the league. Add that to his EXTREME athleticism, strong rebounding (from the guard position) and capable jump-shooting, and you have a deadly combo guard/point guard starter that every team EXCEPT the Chicago Bulls (with Derrick Rose) would kill for.

The announcers have been riding him for the whole game (two quarters and halftime). I started a “modified drinking game” while watching this game…. I would do 10 push-ups every time they criticized Westbrook and stopped because my arms nearly fell off.

I understand that he has had his troubles. Namely, it has been the poor shooting slump he is in (there waslock-out, people) and the turnovers. But, this guy is 23 and he is the starting point guard/second best player for a championship caliber NBA team. Cut the guy some slack. Ever since this overachieving  team didn’t do more in the playoffs (besides give the Dallas Mavericks one of their biggest problems in the western conference finals) ; it has been all about bashing ‘brook.

Now, the lock-out shortened season has him playing rusty and he is getting the doubters and naysayers weighing in.

Let’s not forget he is playing the hardest position in the NBA (At point guard) and that he is still VERY VERY young. This guy is still learning and they are still winning because of him and the great Kevin Durant. So he isn’t progressing as fast as fellow youngster Durant. WHO, in recent memory, has been as good as KD (luv ya ‘bron ‘bron)? Never Mind the fact that Kevin doesn’t have to score big AND get everyone else involved too. Point guard is a difficult position to play, especially with the current renaissance at the point guard position going on (ushered in by Steve Nash).

I know that  it (the criticism) is all a part of the growing process for Westbrook. He has to take this heat to be forged into the steely player that everyone knows he can be . I just think that everyone (fans and critics) should back off (just) a little. I repeat: he is still young and he is still learning . Don’t turn this guy into Maubury 2k11 (although Maubury never had this guy’s “up’s”) , PLEASE!!

Oh, (and remember) they are still winning!!!!

All I’m saying is give the guy a break and let him learn and grow into the (fingers crossed) hall-of-famer his potential gives him the chance to be.

Okay! The Astonishing X-men motion-com (like a cool mix of comic book and animation…it may take a minute to get used to, but it’s NICE!) is the greatest thing on the internet right now :)! I’ve been watching them lately (11-15 min. episodes). It’s written by Joss (FREAKING) Whedon & directed by Neal Adams  and John Cassiday (who does the artwork for the comics!).

For the closest thing to the books ANY adaptation has to offer (ever)…check it out!! TVMA (btw) (this is the sixth episode. It has great Whedon dialogue!)

History Smistory !

Posted: 2011/11/16 in Television

    Okay, I’m just going to say it! “Ancient Astronaut Theorist” is not a legit title. I love the History Channel but they are getting insane with this crap. South Park even went in on them and I have been thinking about this for weeks. Again, I love the history channel but they have finally lost it. Infotainment is fine but at least keep the shit somewhat reality based. They subtly present speculation and wild leaps in logic as FACTS. What the hell history channel!? I know that there are only so many Nazi documentaries you can make, but damn! This and their 10 trillion shows about guns, snipers and doomsday scenarios…It’s all an indication that they are trying to cash in on the 2012 uneasyness that a lot of folks are dealing with. Not to mention the economic turmoil going on right now. Come on . Keep that type of thing where it belongs : In the fertile mind of a hollywood action movie director and the silver screen.