Sports roundup!

Posted: 2013/02/08 in Uncategorized

Quick Weekly Sports Round-up

Well well well,  

Last week’s Superbowl festivities were an amazing spectacle…and then there was the actual game itself. Between the pregame shows, post-game shows, 4 million dollar television ads and high-octane Beyonce Knowles halftime performance (not to mention the subtle product placement and not-so-subtle flag-waiving), the game was decidedly low-key when compared all that goes on around it.

Anything would be considered “low-key” when compared to the pomp and circumstance surrounding a typical Superbowl game.

When it comes to the actual game, “all we were given” was an exciting “barnburner” that saw an amazing comeback attempt by the San Francisco 49ers. Down to the Baltimore Ravens by a score of 21-6 (and victims of Joe Flacco’s 13-yard touchdown pass to receiver Anquan  Boldin) by halftime, the 49ers stormed back to make a game of it, closing in with a score of 28-23 (on an Akers field goal from 34 yards). The 49ers had four chances to take the lead in the game, but it was not happening in New Orleans that night. “The Cain and Able Bowl” (the first Superbowl match to feature two brothers coaching against each other) ended with  the Baltimore Ravens taking home the trophy (behind game MVP Joe Flaco and Coach John Harbaugh who was able to outduel his brother Jim) in a 34-31 win.

Let’s hope that they “take it down a notch”  next year with all of the pomp surrounding the game. It was very tough to actually focus on the game with all of the things going on around it, not to mention the 35 minute delay after halftime (which I suspect  was a result of the multimedia extravaganza Beyonce and the NFL put on during halftime), Let’s hope  the actual chase for a championship takes center-stage and all of the fun distractions take a year (or several) off!

Meanwhile in the NBA…

As the National Basketball Association gears up for it’s annual All-Star game (on Sunday, February 17 2013) , the Los Angles Laker team’s two biggest stars (and two-fifths of the 2013 Western All-Star starters) are in a serious head-to-head match-up of their own. What seemed like a “can’t miss” assemblage of talent on the Lakers’ team this year (after adding future Hall-of- Fame point guard Steve Nash and Superstar center Dwight Howard; to a mix of Kobe Bryant, Paul Gasol and the rest of the Laker stars this year) has been a “can’t win” disaster fraught with injuries and bitterness. Now, Kobe has (predictably) gotten frustrated with Howard’s lack of a “killer instinct” and has started riding Dwight like he used to ride championship celebration floats in L.A. .  Kobe Bryant has openly questioned the severity of Dwight’s shoulder injury and his commitment to the team’s goal of  self-sacrifice (to win games).


Time will tell if the Lakers can pull this thing together before the playoffs and end the year on a more “upbeat” note…it is highly doubtful (if not impossible) though…

like a Manti Te’o  wedding day.

——–Joseph Harden


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