No Shadows Cast in Miami !

Posted: 2013/01/03 in Uncategorized

Apparently, innovative electronic music producer/Dj/musician was kicked off of the stage recently in Miami.

Yeah, I could see this happening to him…

He forgot that he was performing in a club (apparently) and played a smart/heady mix of underground and mainstream sounds together, in his usual imaginative way. By the time the dub-step influenced stuff mixed with Rakim comes into the mix (followed by what sounds like a short clip of mutated Bollywood) you remember that this guy is GENIUS. And don’t get me started on the Bone Thugs/Fleetwood Mac Mash-up! Of course he got kick off of the stage.

They don’t like that stuff in the clubs anymore. Unfortunately electronic music festivals are the only places to hear this sort of AMAZING and groundbreaking stuff ( music that has a foot in the mainstream and the other in the cutting edge). Watch! A smart rapper will  get together with Shadow and create the most critically acclaimed album of that year.

Listen here:




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