“You Too Small!” (A Quick NBA Finals Snapshot)

Posted: 2012/06/18 in Movies/Film, NBA, Random Silly Stuff
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You too small!!”                                  

That’s What Kevin Durant (close to 7 feet tall) told Dwyane Wade (6’4″) in a cross match-up that saw the silky smooth Durant swish another shot in these NBA Finals. Dwayne Wade could only manage a surprised “what did you say?”.

 I’m a 5’5″ Miami Heat fan and I still loved it!

I LOVE OKC and I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE the HEAT ! OKC may be the future but Miami seems to be the “NOW“! They have the urgency and they are playing great right now! I love KD getting a TINY bit of cockiness, though. Great scorers, who want to ultimately win it all, MUST  have a little cockiness.

Oh, and one little guy to another…Wade you have to COVER HIS EYES, not go for the block! He is waaaaay too tall for that (with an even taller person’s wingspan) !If you would have gotten the ball (highly unlikely)…you would’ve got some hand too. Then you would end up in foul trouble like Kevin. 🙂 

The Heat won the game and Kevin’s uncharacteristic trash-talk may be an attempt to give himself and his team more urgency. Could this be a crack in the Oklahoma poised armor or lightning before the THUNDER comes? We will see…PIVOTAL game 4 on Tuesday 9pm on ABC.

Check out the Video of this Exchange below:


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