GUN-SHY! The Legend of Dwyane Wade & The Death of Bringing your ‘A’ Game (w/o excuses)

Posted: 2012/06/14 in Basketball, NBA
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What the hell is going on with Dwyane Wade?

Let me back up a little…

When the Heat acquired Lebron James last year (along with all-star Chris Bosh), it was seen as a REVOLUTION in Miami Heat basketball and that the next 5-7 years would see a new dynasty in the NBA. Well…a funny thing has happened on the way to prosperity for this Heat basketball team. It seems as though the Heat aren’t “jelling” quite as well as we all expected. Now the Heat are now in danger going down 2 games to 0 in their second finals appearance in two years. What happened to the expected  Jordan and Pippen 2k of Wade and Lebron? What the hell happened to Lebron in last years final’s and what is happening to Dwyane Wade this year?

Let me start off by saying I LOVE DWAYNE WADE. His play during this year’s playoffs…not so much. Dwyane is a future hall of fame player and at certain points in his career ( ’06 – ’07  when they won it all  when he averaged 27.2 points, 6.7 assists and 5.7 rebounds with Shaq…30.2 pts, 7.5 assists and 5.0 rebounds in ’08 -’09) he has been THE best player in the league. Book it. Dwyane Wade has become a shell of himself recently and it has left everyone scratching their heads .

So why is Wade pulling a David Copperfield and disappearing right before our very eyes like the Statue of Liberty…or a New York Knick? Dwyane Wade has (since the Conference semi-finals) gotten progressively worse in these playoffs. His scoring, field-goal percentage and rebounds have all gone down during this stretch. Not so surprising (when you see those stats), his assists have gone up. Looks like Dwyane is Leaving Lebron out to dry…errr deferring to Lebron.

So what is up with Dwyane? Is he deferring to Lebron? Is Wade getting “lost in the shuffle’ of Lebron’s attempt at retribution (for ‘Bron-‘Bron’s own disappearing act from last year)? First off, I am tired of hearing this deferring crap from both of these players. It smacks of EXCUSES! “Oh I’m not kicking ass in these games because i’m worried about stepping on other guys’ toes!”. I play basketball in my local parks, community centers and L.A Fitness and that sounded very familiar to me when I heard it…

The way that Wade made unrelated excuses (as if they pertained to the real reason  why his team was losing)  echoed  the way losing teenagers (I’ve played pick-up basketball with) downplayed loses. It’s as if they both are more worried about taking away from the others on their teams or the opponent. This, instead of admitting that they played badly or the other team played better. Or speaking more broadly: If they win, they have all of the “cool” and sportsmanship you could ask for. If they lose, they become sore losers and excuse producing machines (with the “I’m not sure whose team it is?”, talk).  

Michael and Pippen famously called themselves “doo-doo” and “shit” after a playoff game, before. How is that for PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY?

Let’s Get real and let’s get in this series Dwyane Wade! Number one, it’s the owner’s team! Number two, if you are hurt…fess up (without giving up). Number three, help Lebron…he needs you and I know you didn’t drag him down to Miami to ditch him when it counts!! Lebron already played with Larry Hughes !!  Number four, we know Eric Spoelstra sucks but play beyond that…YOU HAVE A RING.

Is Wade gun-shy because of fear or injury and that’s why he stopped trying? Has seeing Lebron become a MONSTER in the playoffs made Wade get a little sheepish…standing at the proverbial playoff urinal feeling inadequate?  He has mentioned aging for the very first time…Mike and Kobe never started talking about “aging” when they were just turning 30 years  old. Dwyane needs to remember that he is in that league of greatness. The Heat need those answers. If not…the Heat are about to get swept or lose in 5. I think Wade can do it. If he isn’t injured.

Wade doesn’t seem to know what’s going on (with his game) either.

  1. That’s what I’m talking about WADE !!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I went back and found the game that I mentioned in the post! Damn I’m good! It was a game against the Heat in 1997 too! lol. How is that for symmetry :)?

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