Zombie Apocalypse, Ya’ll…Finally!

Posted: 2012/06/07 in Entertainment/Culture, Society/Culture
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You know what?

Everyone’s  talking about the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ and all…but am I the only one that’s thinking…”FINALLY!”?

 We have been watching Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead,  28 days later and scores of other zombie flicks for decades. Secretly, I think we  have always wanted this to happen. We have a television series called “The Walking Dead” for “crying out loud”. 

I (for one) welcome our flesh-eating overlords…and this is f*%kin “sweet”! I hope we get at least one more Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance out of this!

For those of you that are still clueless, like I was a “scant” few days ago, here is the deal:  Zombies are slowly (how else?… 🙂 ) invading American cities and  all are doomed…sort of.

Beginning a little over a week ago, grisly reports have been surfacing throughout parts of America. First, there was face-eating in Miami (what else is new?).  Then, cannibal moms were reported  in Texas (isn’t that the way it goes down there, though?). In Maryland, one student  chewed someone’s brain and heart out then  told everyone about it (hey, college can be rough). Finally, in New Jersey, a man cut himself open for all to see and couldn’t be stopped… even by pepper-spray (that’s just The Jersey Shore “kids”, right?)…

Standard stuff for America nowadays OR ithere something to all of this Zombie Apocalypse stuff being tossed around?

Either way, I love it . 

Finally, we get the Zombie Apocalypse that we have been promised since George Romero’s Classic “Night of the Living Dead”. That Classic film drew parallels between those flesh-eating creatures and SOUL SUCKING racism of the Civil Rights Movement . Add that  to Vietnam War & Feminism stuff…hell, all of the turbulence of the 60s was brought to us in cinematic form. The Ghosts and Ghouls of the past infecting  the present and trying to destroy youth and progress. It was very heady stuff from Romero back then…and STILL managed to be  a damn good horror movie without sounding like  a term paper.

It’s Hard to balance…ask the Wachowski Brothers (I love the Matrix films…all of them). Which makes me wonder whether this is all some  super-metaphysical    scenario of  life imitating  art…in this case, “calling” on it like an actual archetypal memory through the only shared history we can all readily “call upon” and “trust” (in this information drenched society)…Movies and pop-culture.

That’s another blog, another day.

But I digress… 

Are we finally getting our Zombie Apocalypse ? I hope so…Will it Be like the  Zombie Land movie? Will it be Night of the Living Dead? Maybe it will be  Dawn of the Dead…who wouldn’t want to raid a mall with all of the gadgets we have nowadays…oh no…consumer culture has got me too!!! ahhhhh! It feels more like Shaun of the Dead for me (and I bet the rest of you) right now because: a.) we’re kind of plugging along doing the daily grind and b.) we’re vaguely aware of these horrible stories about zombies and not paying THAT much attention to it. If anything, I think our new “Zombie Apocalypse”  would end up like 28 days later…government thugs terrorizing us all while the world dies. 

“Wanna know” why I welcome the “Zombie Apocalypse”?

I welcome the “Zombie Apocalypse” because of the opportunity to destroy and rebuild…Let the best and most decent of us rise and work together to forge a better world. Let’s destroy all of the “old-world” values and rebuild in earnest… free of the past’s ghosts and Zombies. That…and wouldn’t it be fun to blast your zombie-fied enemies? You know you want to . 

All jokes aside, this is all probably just doomsday jitters (because of the Mayan, to name one of the doomsday “prophets”,  predictions)

Well, here’s hoping…I’m about to take my bath…errr…make that a shower!!!!!!!!!! SHOWER!!!!!!

  1. MAC says:

    Great Post! Do I get to shoot Bill Murray?

    • LMAO! Yes! but only if I can shoot Wes Anderson!!! lol ! I point the gun sideways and yell “stop TRYING to make ‘QUIRKY’ MOVIES…ahhhhh!!!!! *blam blam blam*

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