In Hot Water!!! (A Florida Story)

Posted: 2012/05/18 in Basketball, NBA
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NBA All-Star Jam Session 2012

I recently responded to a great article by my new Blogger Buddy Chris Ross.

Here is His Article :

And here is my response…Check it out!:

“I completely agree with your assessment for the Miami situation.

There seems to be something in the water that surrounds the Florida peninsula . It’s like the GMs in Orlando (My hometown and where I currently reside as well) and Miami (My favorite city on the planet and one of the main reasons I stay in my hometown) historically try to get away with surrounding a couple of superstars with piss-poor players to fill out the roster.

Mike Miller wasn’t a great glue guy when they tried this in ORLANDO years ago with a young and healthy Tracy Mcgrady (not that Mike was terrible then by any means…but come on).

And Riley used to be smarter than this…He coached teams in New York and Los Angeles that were PACKED with talent. What made him change the TEAM approach to the game, in favor of this FANTASY LEAGUE GMing that he is doing nowadays? Plus, I’m starting to think that Spoelstra saw Riley kill a hooker or something…because how else can you explain him having this job?

You can’t surround a “Big Three” with aging vets on their last legs and one or two young players (whose mere presence in the league is perplexing). That is backwards from the “Big Three” formulas ANYWAY. You are supposed to get the three main talents and YOUNG talent with UPSIDE to fill out the roster…Ask the Celtics, Spurs, Mavericks, (and waaaay back in the day) Chicago (Pip and Horace was that young talent at one time) and Detroit etc. I don’t know what’s in the water down here in Florida but these GMs should probably get a Brita filter or have their water imported.

Or maybe it’s the stuff they are already importing down here that’s making them make these managerial decisions…”

  1. Chris Ross says:

    Thanks for the mention buddy! Really appreciate it 🙂

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