Out Paced.

Posted: 2012/05/17 in Basketball, NBA, Uncategorized


Now let’s never

speak of the game 3 Heat loss again! lol!

I am going to continue to back them but dammit if they don’t need some help. The  loss tonight was effing ridiculous. Indiana are no slobs . They (Indiana) do have some vets with playoff experience…and while Indiana is very underrated,  still, the Heat had no business losing this game or losing so badly. period.

My “favorite” part was when Dwyane Wade decided to fight his (lousy) coach instead of the Indiana Pacers. Scratch that…My actual  favorite part was watching newly crowned MVP of the league Lebron James brick jumper after jumper in the second half…trying to either get back into the game in a shallow way (instead of going to the basket and shooting your free-throws AND getting  the other team in foul trouble…oh and STOPPING THE CLOCK!) or shoot the team out of the game completely (so he could sit his ass down for the night). I’m not sure which one of those outcomes he really hoped for and that’s sad. Either way, the Miami Heat played poorly (to say the least) and they had better decide to bring the same passion and fighting spirit (against the Pacers) that they brought against Eric Spoelstra. They Had better do that or it will be a LONG game 4 in Indiana (if they are lucky) and they will lose.

But most of all they better come to play in game 4 because I never want to have to DEFEND ERIC SPOELSTRA *shudder* AGAIN!!

At least my favorite team in the West playoff picture is still doing well. GO OKC!

Let’s hope the Heat can get it together for that OKC vs. Heat Matchup I’ve been hoping for…That is , if the Celts and Spurs don’t have something to say about all of that .

  1. Chris Ross says:

    Wow, who would have thought that the Heat would be down 2-1 to the Pacers after 3 games. This is insane and this is why you play the regular season. Without Chris Bosh the Pacers have no mismatch on the front line and Roy Hibbert is just going to town, although he might have done that anyways with Bosh in the lineup. But it’s obvious that Lebron can’t keep playing the 4 because it’s just too tolling on him. He’s big but he’s not that big to do it game in and game out and be expected to put up MVP numbers. This series is going to go down to the wire likely and hopefully it’s a dandy. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog because I really want to know what you have to say http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/its-your-fault-pat-riley/

    • True, Bosh being out has really exposed how little this team has outside of Lebron and (to a lesser extent) Wade…It’s starting to look like those years in Clevland when Lebron and Hughes were the star combo! Lebron is pretty good but He cannot be expected to play 4 positions simultaneously. It’s too much. Mike Used to go through this same stuff…He was the Point Guard one year and He went out there and rebounded his ass off every night (he had 8 a game one year and was routinely above 6 every year…along with monster Assists, Steals and Blocks for a guard…that is why Kobe is not Mike but That is a post for another day :))

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