Tip ‘The Waiter’! (Toni Kukoc)

Posted: 2012/04/05 in Basketball, NBA

I am going to take some time today and give some ‘love’ to a very underrated player from the Michael Jordan Era.

That player is (super) versatile 6’11” big-man Toni  “Croatian Sensation” Kukoc.

It’s time we give the ‘Pink Panther’ his due!

There is so much more to Kukoc than he is currently being recognized for. He was a great weapon and SAVED the bulls during some really important games! For some reason (I somehow feel Pippen has something to do with it) no one has really canonized him. I remember those games…kukoc did more than Rodman…sorry…to help that team win.

Now history has been rewritten and Pip, Mike and Rodman are this mythical “big 3″ . Don’t get me wrong Rodman was awesome but TONI did MORE (and when it counted).

He is SO underrated nowadays in the NBA. The  guy won 3 rings and really helped Mike that year (97-98) where Scottie Pippen missed nearly HALF of the regular season. I can’t believe some people compare Turkoglu (who i like a lot) to him. Toni is waaay better. he managed to put up 13+ points 1+steals 4+ rebounds and 4+assists coming off of the bench and on a team featuring the best scorer in the league, the best rebounder, and 2 wing players who put up amazing assist numbers for their position…and he did it all in less than 30 minutes a game!

Kukoc did whatever the bulls needed him to do and could go from : main scoring threat off of the dribble, point-guard running the team, post-up front court player, standstill 3-point assassin  and solid defender of “bigs” (close to 1 block in limited minutes…and 1 steal). The bottom line :  this guy helped the bulls in so many ways…and helped save Michael and Scottie’s legs in countless games by breaking the game wide-open with his excellent play (to the point where pip and mike could regularly be seen sitting on the bench laughing and enjoying the show in the 4th quarters).

Tip (your hat to) “The Waiter” ! 🙂


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