Hell hath no fury like a point guard scorned!!!!!

Posted: 2012/03/29 in Basketball, NBA, Television
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Derek Fisher is Hilarious! I love it 🙂 …Maybe I should explain?


In the ultimate act of rebellion, against the ultimate act of betrayal from his former team (the LA Lakers), Derek Fisher decided to sign with inter-conference rivals the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA basketball team. This is great stuff. The Thunder was in need of a pass-first point guard who could reliably hit a 3-pointer (especially in a pressure packed game in the closing seconds) and now they have one…and a veteran NBA player with 5 rings (and now a GRUDGE) no less. Maybe Fisher has nothing in the tank left to give an NBA team? Maybe he was burnt-out on the Lakers team and has now been given enough of a spark to propel the OKC Thunder to the Finals (and possibly an edge mentally and talent-wise to push them pass the Heat/Bulls if they get there)?  Awesome stuff!

check it out !  http://www.nba.com/video/channels/nba_tv/2012/03/21/20120321_okc_fisher.nba/


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