Nigga’s At the ATM….(calm down)

Posted: 2012/01/13 in Entertainment/Culture, Music, Society/Culture
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Facebook got a little heated on one of my good controversy-baiting friend’s (that’s probably why we are friends btw. 🙂 ) page… The discussion started over his buddy’s offense to Jay-Z’s song Niggas In Paris. My friend and his buddy are white (or caucasian…whatever floats your particular boat). My buddy Austin asked me to weigh in on this comment from his buddy:
(from 1/1/2012)
“I never said to censor speech. I simply voiced my displeasure that the 7th most popular song in the world has the n word in it yet there are people like Kanye West and Jay z who would get offended and probably shoot someone should they use …it towards them. Also it’d kind of hypocritical to be making money off of a word that suppressed so many lives for so long and that insults your own race. I’m not asking free speech to be taken away. Read my entire post before you accuse something like that.”
That was copied directly from the  facebook page (with the quotation marks added…and the buddy’s name left out). Here was my response…
“@[censored]   okay, really?…do you think for one minute that these millionaires are going to “shoot someone” for calling them a “nigger”? that’s funny and btw. a couple of descendants of slaves making “millions of dollars” on a word/concept that was/is used to keep them and their ancestors POOR and OPPRESSED isn’t hypocritical to me….I think them getting those millions on that word is the very definition of “payback” (get it, pay back… lol). and no not some payback to “all white people”  blah blah b.s. either.
It’s so funny that others can use and profit from the nigger concept for centuries…but when these guys start making money off of it, the word gets AUDITED to see how much revenue it’s bringing…BTW I HATE NEW YEARS HANGOVERS :)”
I stand by what I said :  I really hate New Years Hangovers! 🙂
Oh, and that other thing too . I’m with “Jigga” on that one.

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