Red Tails!!! Can’t Wait (I hope it’s good)!!

Posted: 2012/01/09 in Entertainment/Culture, Movies/Film, Society/Culture
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George lucas’ interview on the Daily Show actually made me interested in seeing this film adaptation of a subject which has had a huge ripple effect on American culture/history (black people in particular…but effecting everyone)

World War II-era action film Red Tails is set to come out soon (January 20th)! Now, I’ve read and watched numerous items about the Tuskegee Airmen…but a big-budget action film by a MAJOR studio (with potential plans for a sequel and prequel…eventually encompassing the Tuskegee Airmen’s Journey from humble beginnings and kids fighting in a (WORLD) war,  to seasoned warriors for america and finally victorious heroes/outcasts in their own country!!) with a mostly black cast (George lucas says no really prominent white roles)? I can’t think of one right now…

This could be great…It could be crap…I’m glad that they are even doing it at all. It is very BIG (George Lucas broke it down on the Daily Show and I recomend checking out the interview on Youtube).

Now hopefully this movie’s  political content isn’t dissected to the point that we don’t get any more of these types of films and it’s virtues are white-washed out (a la The Help….to be discussed in a later blog). Let’s hope that the story gets a chance to breathe on a national/international stage before well meaning radicals (like some of my great friends and  peers) and embarrassed conservatives (also like some of my great friends and peers) strangle the life out it to fit some agenda other than entertainment (did I mention The Help blog is coming soon? 🙂 ) Red Tails


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