♫ Her name is Dita…she’ll be your mistress tonight♫ (I saw the uncensored Madonna “Erotica” video)

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I saw the uncensored version of Madonna’s “Erotica” video for the first time today…

OMG! I can’t believe this didn’t take her down forever back in 1992.

It has been 20 years since Madonna unleashed the “erotica” concept  on an unsuspecting public back in 1992. Following a socially/politically sanitized 1980’s (a period she fought against her whole career, up to that point) , Madonna unleashed a monster onto the world. That year (1992), Madonna simultaneously released a “coffee table book” titled “SEX” , The “Erotica” album, and a series of…I don’t even want to say “steamy” videos on the world…I will just call them SICK videos. They were the 90s definition of “sick“, in that they challenged the public’s “delicate” taste for open sexuality and upset many. While the videos are also 2011 “sick“, in that they are incredibly bold artistic declarations and an uncompromising dive into sexual fantasy and fetish. Her artistic output during this time was awesome. The incredible “Erotica” video being one of the fruits of her labor.

And by the way, the material still “holds up” and is still controversial. Ain’t no swiveling hips quaintness here, Elvis!

“What provoked her”?

It all started as a reaction to what was being thrown at this pop-music rebel at the time. Madonna had already made her name in the music biz and was (already) arguably the biggest star in the world. But, she wasn’t respected quite as much as she would have liked . She was being called a talentless “sexpot” by some short-sighted hack critics. So, what does Madonna do in response? What any talented rebel would do: She cranks her so-called “sex-pot” character from 10 to 1,000  and shows america what’s really going on in her mind (not her bedroom…mind you). Her point being : a.) “this stuff is real and okay”  and b.) “you hypocrites know that you think about this stuff too…so stop being so judgemental.”

Along the way,  she made incredible videos and great music…because let’s face it, as an entertainer,  you can’t bring the message to the party without the (performance) goods. No one eats a meal of condiments…catch my drift?

And in doing so, Madonna effectively and finally silenced the last of her lingering critics. Everything after the “erotica” trial-by-fire has been a “victory lap” and adds to her legend! Which is amzaing, considering her victory lap trumps most artists whole careers.

This is why all of the “imitators” and “influenced” pop-starlets can’t live up to Madonna. This is why everyone from teen-pop queens (who throw on leather to be “edgy”) to inde-credit card carrying members of the underground admire the hell out of her!  She lives and breathes her artistic statements. She doesn’t simply wear them because they are already “in fashion”…The “Erotica” period in her career could have (and nearly) ruined Madonna. True ARTISTS take risks! No disrespect to her acolytes…definite “diss” to her shameless copycats. This is why Madonna is and  always will be THE REAL DEAL.

Although,  as someone who was a pre-teen during this period,  I can say that she probably owes me therapy sessions. 🙂

To see what I mean (click the link below for “Erotica Uncensored”)[Madonna+-+With+Love,+Dita+[Erotica+Remixed].jpg]


  1. I have a women in music theme going on this month! lol!

  2. Thank you, Moses :)!

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