I am currently watching the NBA on TNT. It’s the Dallas Mavericks v. the Oklahoma Thunder and damned if they aren’t trying to make Russell Westbrook (Point Guard for OKC) the scapegoat for all of his teams “woes”. I can’t believe it….

Westbrook is a lightning quick point guard and maybe the fastest guy in the league. Add that to his EXTREME athleticism, strong rebounding (from the guard position) and capable jump-shooting, and you have a deadly combo guard/point guard starter that every team EXCEPT the Chicago Bulls (with Derrick Rose) would kill for.

The announcers have been riding him for the whole game (two quarters and halftime). I started a “modified drinking game” while watching this game…. I would do 10 push-ups every time they criticized Westbrook and stopped because my arms nearly fell off.

I understand that he has had his troubles. Namely, it has been the poor shooting slump he is in (there waslock-out, people) and the turnovers. But, this guy is 23 and he is the starting point guard/second best player for a championship caliber NBA team. Cut the guy some slack. Ever since this overachieving  team didn’t do more in the playoffs (besides give the Dallas Mavericks one of their biggest problems in the western conference finals) ; it has been all about bashing ‘brook.

Now, the lock-out shortened season has him playing rusty and he is getting the doubters and naysayers weighing in.

Let’s not forget he is playing the hardest position in the NBA (At point guard) and that he is still VERY VERY young. This guy is still learning and they are still winning because of him and the great Kevin Durant. So he isn’t progressing as fast as fellow youngster Durant. WHO, in recent memory, has been as good as KD (luv ya ‘bron ‘bron)? Never Mind the fact that Kevin doesn’t have to score big AND get everyone else involved too. Point guard is a difficult position to play, especially with the current renaissance at the point guard position going on (ushered in by Steve Nash).

I know that  it (the criticism) is all a part of the growing process for Westbrook. He has to take this heat to be forged into the steely player that everyone knows he can be . I just think that everyone (fans and critics) should back off (just) a little. I repeat: he is still young and he is still learning . Don’t turn this guy into Maubury 2k11 (although Maubury never had this guy’s “up’s”) , PLEASE!!

Oh, (and remember) they are still winning!!!!

All I’m saying is give the guy a break and let him learn and grow into the (fingers crossed) hall-of-famer his potential gives him the chance to be.

  1. And OKC WON this game ! That’s a 4-0 start to the season for the first time since this team was the “Seattle Supersonics”. KD’s buzzer beater (from beyond the arc) iced it! Heat v. Thunder in the NBA Finals??

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