It’s Polly Jean Harvey, Dammit!

Posted: 2011/12/29 in Music, Uncategorized
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Can I just say , I LOVE PJ Harvey!! Since her debut with the album “Dry”, she has constantly brought the world amazing blues-steeped alternative-rock from England . A musical kindred spirit to Nick Cave (and one-time duet partner), Harvey has never shied away from innovative ways to “bring her love” of exploring the human psyche (both personal and more recently political (with the”Let England Shake” album)).

With her amazing (clear and distinct) voice and equally amazing guitar-work, music critics and fans alike  had no choice but to make her an almost INSTANT underground legend in the music scene (in the early 90s) .

Back in the day, notoriously competitive American rock star/beautiful train wreck/unofficial (great) music critic Courtney Love proclaimed : “She is the only female out there who makes me know I am shit”. Courtney Love knows she is a great rock star (and she won’t hesitate to let anyone know). That is just how good Polly Jean Harvey is !

Bellow, is link to a stripped down performance on “Leno” back in the early 90s.

The song performed is called “Rid of me”. It is an obsessive sort of anti-love song (and more than a little bit stalker-ish), in that she speaks of her needs and desires only.  Sort of like an even more demented version of the Police’s “Every Breath You take”. No one will be singing this at their wedding though…although, I would love to see someone try. I think the other person would run screaming out of the venue and into protective hiding.

If a man sang this song (which is my secret desire to see done), it would be VERY unnerving for everyone and would probably be banned.

       She was only 23.

  1. I kind of feel the “New Rock” pendulum swinging back into vogue…and I think a great female rockstar is going to do it this time…I’m calling it now. lol! Ironically enough…I believe lady gaga is the one who cracked the door for this to happen.

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