Extra ‘Clips!

Posted: 2011/12/20 in NBA

Oh Man, It is “on” now! Yesterday, “The Battle for Los Angles”  began in earnest when the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers NBA basketball teams got together in (where else?) the LA Staples Center Arena (with the LA Lakers serving as the “home team” for this match). What would have normally been a Kobe Bryant press Conference posing as a basketball game came with the drama of this week’s trade activity. The LA Clippers signed “all-WORLD” point guard Chris Paul (after NBA commissioner David Stern nixed a deal for Paul to go to the LA Lakers no less) and  things are looking pretty interesting in LA  basketball these days. The LA Clippers look to be more than a two-man show and LA basketball may not be the same much longer.

NBA preseason games are normally an exercise in patience as NBA fans watch their favorite players “work of the rust” and get back to all-star form (before the season begins). There was definitely something different about this game. With all types of pre-game hype and questions surrounding the match-up, this game felt more like a regular season game than the typical exhibition match. With everyone wondering how Paul would work with his Clipper teammates (or if Kobe would demand a trade during HALFTIME to Join the Clippers!) and if these “upstarts” could legitimately belong on the same court as the former champions, at least one question seems to have been answered…

Yes, the  Clippers definitely showed that they belonged (on the same floor) as they beat the Lakers  114-95. Chris Paul was as great “as advertised” with his amazing play. He destroyed the Lakers early season defense with his drives to the basket (think Chis Paul circa-last years playoffs vs. the lakers) and he set up his young teammates for crowd-pleasing dunks. Speaking of which, Deandre Jordan seems to be a huge beneficiary of this trade. Deandre Jordan’s Dunk (pictured above) on Both Paul Gasol  and Andrew Bynum’s out-stretched arms made the Lakers look like Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries…old news and over.

Speaking of old, Kobe Bryant looked none too “Jordan-esque” in this outing, but the season is young and he IS still Kobe (isn’t he?).

While I definitely won’t put too much stock into a pre-season win vs the Lakers; this game could be the first sign of the new “pecking order” in LA basketball. It seems as though David Stern made a smart decision for once (the first one in A WHILE from this former innovator) in denying the Laker “haves” to have Paul. Because of his insight, LA looks to have two entertaining teams, a cool new rivalry (As opposed to one dominant team and one with “budding talent” and “potential”) and new “kings of the town”. I may be getting ahead of myself with the last remark, though.  This may prompt the Lakers to get better, which still will only help the league and the city of Los Angles (and obviously the LA Lakers themselves).

The possibilities are exciting (and Kobe really should take this as a challenge that the true “great ones” relish)!

They say “Youth must be served” , but in this first game of these “LA gangs” (check the name of this blog site) the Laker’s “old-timers” were the ones getting “served”.

  1. I won’t be able to consider Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant are getting a legal separation. Extra to that Kobe now as an harm he has to deal with.

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