Slam Dunk??? Chris Paul to the LA Lake….I mean Clippers! (The new “Hollywood Clip-Show”)

Posted: 2011/12/15 in NBA

Well, unless you have been living under a rock  (and I consider not watching ESPN 20 hours a day tantamount to living under a boulder) you have heard that Chris Paul has been traded to the LA Clippers basketball team. Yes, “Isiah Thomas 2k” will team with the high-flying Blake “don’t call me Shawn” Griffin. I think this is pretty exciting. Paul is an amazing playmaker, scorer and defensive wizard at the point guard position….Now,  am I going to be the first one to say it?

This team is starting to shape up as the next generation Seattle Supersonics.

Comedian Paul Money says that “everyone comes back to get their money”.  What Paul Mooney meant by this was that those denied the major prize in their day, will get it thorough a younger incarnation of  themselves. Mooney used Oprah and Hattie Mcdaniel as the example. Cp3 and Griffin Certainly look like a modern-day Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp to me (and possibly a better duo…dare I say Stockton and Malone + Gary and Shawn!!). Will the Chris Paul-led “clip-show” bring redemption to that duo? Or will the modern-day Jordan and Pippen (in the form of Dwyane Wade  and Lebron James) frustrate this duo for years to come?

Are the Dallas  Mavericks annoyed at all of the attention  this trade is getting?

Is this team starting to shape up to usurp the lakers in the next couple of years ? Is this the motivation the Lakers need to actually show up for this year’s playoffs?

Metta World Peace, comment?

I know I am getting ahead of myself here, but that is the excitement of a superstar  trade in the NBA. We better enjoy this while we can people…A time where our imaginations  and  expectations are at their peak. A time before reality comes crashing down like a Blake Griffin tamahawk dunk (if the trade doesn’t quite work) or expectations make our yearly projections as routine and boring as a Greg Oden injury report in Blazerland. In this moment the possibilities are endless! Welcome to the Honeymoon!  Long live the new “Hollywood Clip-Show”!!


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