Posted: 2011/12/13 in Your Blogger

The point of this blog is to provide an outlet for my personality and my thoughts. My topics and thoughts may be intelligent, goofy, critical,  empathetic,  insane, sobering, futuristic,  fresh, old-fashioned, seemingly trivial, unbearably weighty (or all of it at once)…One thing is for certain though , they will always  reflect the world as I see it and my own personal truths.

Oh, and it will be entertaining!

I am a  freelance writer (comedy mainly)/aspiring sociologist and Journalist.I can’t wait to challenge myself and everyone who reads this blog. Feedback is encouraged…This Blogger is self-confident enough to have his ideas challenged and brave enough to admit he’s not always right (just MOSTLY right; even when speaking in third-person)…It’s part of being a young-ish guy. Like most “natural writers” (I’ve had enough professors tell me that I am, to finally embrace it), I find it easier to say what I mean in writing rather that verbally (because I don’t like to SEEM too cocky). Although, i’m pretty solid verbally too 😉 .

I have great enthusiasm for topics that are related to: NBA Basketball , Film, Science, Music,  Culture (“pop” and sociology) , Television and History. This means that  many of my blogs will revolve around these topics (though I have many other interests as well).


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