Is ‘Showtime’ over for a Kobe-dominated championship lakers team? (Welcome back NBA)

Posted: 2011/12/06 in NBA

Well, well, well…here we are. The NBA has finally quit it’s “bitching” and realized that they had to stop squabbling over money to make money. What a revelation!  And, it only took them months of “back and forth” bickering to figure this out! Even skeezy “pimps” know that both: “scared money, don’t make money” and “you have to spend money to make money”. Finally, reason (or at least fear of losing even more money and possibly the league itself) prevailed! Now it is back to business and I can quit my own bellyaching. Now it’s time to talk basketball and not “$$$”.

Any real discussion of a new basketball season begins and ends with the (supposed) ultimate goal by season’s end and basketball’s “Holy Grail”: the Larry O’brien Trophy. Last season, It all ended with the  legendary German freak show (I say that with all the love this nba-fanatic has to offer) Dirk Nowitzki driving  away with the prize while legendary PG Jason Kidd  and crew helped him steer. I was ridiculously happy to see this happen and it was a more fitting end to the season than the “Decision”-dread & “me first” attitude that dominated the league (from Lebron’s PR misstep to Carmelo Anthony’s pouty move to New York). Dallas winning over Lebron’s “Monstarz” team (in the NBA finals match-up) was a triumph of teamwork and cooperation over flash (no pun intended) and “call my agent”-style egomaina. Then the NBA owners missed the point of that compelling example and almost ruined it all….but i digress.

In the process of a legendary title-run by Nowitzki’s Dallas Mavericks, They thoroughly DESTROYED the favored Los Angles Lakers led by ME FIRST POSTER-BOY Kobe Bryant. Yeah, I said it. Admit it, we all have thought that Kobe was an arrogant, selfish, “punk” for  years…He ran Shaq out of LA , he was accused of rape (and at the very least he cheated on his wife),  he “tattled” on fellow teammates for infidelity indiscretions (to throw the heat off of himself…ewww), and he even tried to get himself traded (not to mention Odom and Bynum) before the team started winning again…”If i could be like kobes”….I (maybe unfairly)  blame him for the subconscious egomaina in today’s NBA (thankfully Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant have recently  started a new trend of team-oriented selflessness). As an ambassador of the league and the most visible and attainable level of  superstar success (unless you are a monster of a kid, shaq was an unrealistic role-model for actual nba success) Kobe was a horrible example . As a talent, he was all that we could ask for and more…but as that ambassador, he owed more to the kids than what he actually  gave. So it will not shock you to hear that I enjoyed EVERY minute of the “mother’s day massacre” that the Dallas Mavericks brought to the Lakers…

Now the LA lakers are searching for answers to some key questions this  season. Will Mike Brown be the coach that this team needs now that Phil Jackson has retired? Should the lakers try to deal some of their veteran pieces for some younger talent to pair with Kobe? Is Ron Artest f*%king kidding with that “Metta World Peace” bull (to quote Coming to America: “his mama call him clay , imma call him clay”)?  And the question that I want to propose right now: “Is showtime over for a kobe-dominated laker’s championship team?” I think so .

We all saw what happened against Dallas in the Western Conference Finals “ass-whipping”. Kobe was more overtly exposed as being selfish and his team suffered greatly . And they (lakers front office and fans) had the NERVE to blame GASOL! He’s The only reason they have those shaq-less titles (yes, he COULD have played better in the finals…but he SHOULD have had more shots). Even though the lakers have PRETENDED to be a more well-rounded team, basically the only thing that happened was that the other players learned how to better deal with “the black-mamba” ball-hogging . The lakers are waaaay too talented to lose and we all know it…they should have won the last handful of titles. But now that kobe is older and lost a little of the explosiveness, the lakers have to face the facts: 1.) they still have more talent on their team than any other team in the league  2.)Kobe is not mike (yeah, THAT mike)  and he needs to be a cog in the offense not the overall dominant ball-hog he has been 3.) Mike Brown is the right guy for the laker gig if they actually listen to him (Kobe) and most importantly 4.) Artest needs to spend more time working on his game than changing is f*%king NAME…

  1. 0TC030 says:

    OooooO i can’t until the Lakers pull Howard and CP3! LeBron will never EVER get a title if we pull this off! Shit Kobe gonna pass Jordan!

    • Kobe may (or may not) pass mike in sheer number of titles….but he will never pass mike in “importance” on his championship teams and overall greatness. when people compare mike to kobe, the are really (subconciously) comparing late-period mike to kobe’s prime (which is over). Mike was still AMAZING in his later period (and better than kobe in his prime) but that is what we are doing when we compare those two guys.

  2. If the Lakers trade for CP3 and Dwight Howard then I feel really bad for Gasol, Bynum but mostly Lamar Odom. But it needs to be done.

    • I think gasol would be a beneficiary of the dwight howard trade…plus some of his outside game might rub off on dwight (because dwight is still young)…after that, gasol would be expendable (but his career would be over anyway). Lamar’s situation IS screwed up , I agree. The Mavericks may surprise us if they can get a good center to replace chandler….I’m still upset about that loss for the Mavs.

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