‘Holy’ Franchise, Batman!

Posted: 2011/11/21 in Movies/Film

I can’t wait for “The Dark Knight Rises”!! Christopher Nolan’s take on the “Batman” franchise has been exhilarating so far. No Mere “comic-book movie” (in the over-commercialized hollywood sense), Nolan has brought the gritty environment of the source material (realistically) onto the silver screen. No Tim Burton macabre s&m-carnival-camp and no Joel Schumacher homoerotic parody of Burton’s innovative style. Nolan has managed to meld 90’s and 00’s action  to 70’s-style innovation, brains and realism in film (70’s hallmarks he actually helped  bring back to hollywood films in his pre-Batman films: Memento, Following and…*sigh* Insomnia).

So far, Nolan’s Batman films have managed to entertain audiences worldwide and break new ground in hollywood filmmaking.  The first film , Batman Begins , was  not only an expertly crafted origin-tale/action movie; it also (along with 2004’s Dawn of the Dead) showed hollywood how to  “reboot” a franchise and breathe life into our past favorites and poorly executed originals. How did Nolan follow-up that opening salvo? Well,  all he did  was create (with the help of Heath Ledger) one of the great character studies in madness and anarchy mainstream hollywood has ever seen! And for good measure, he did this while managing to create a film that expanded on the title character’s origin-story, and elevate “comic-book” movies to movie-making ART status. The Dark Knight even evoked comparisons to classic crime dramas of the past (Michael Mann’s “Heat” and Coppola’s LEGENDARY Godfather films). Let’s hope The Dark Knight Rises is up to the task!

Although, typically the third film (in a good trilogy) is either lack-luster at best (see Godfather) and flat-out f%*@ed up at its worst (Scream, anyone?); I am truly excited for this new film. When it comes to the “good trilogy” rules….The first film : is usually really good or ground-breaking…Second one : is usually at least as  good as the first one and (in most cases) ups the ante and is better…Third one: we talked about that already…Again, let’s hope “The Dark Knight Rises” is up to the task!

  1. MAC says:

    Those nipples on the bat suit were creepy!

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