History Smistory !

Posted: 2011/11/16 in Television

    Okay, I’m just going to say it! “Ancient Astronaut Theorist” is not a legit title. I love the History Channel but they are getting insane with this crap. South Park even went in on them and I have been thinking about this for weeks. Again, I love the history channel but they have finally lost it. Infotainment is fine but at least keep the shit somewhat reality based. They subtly present speculation and wild leaps in logic as FACTS. What the hell history channel!? I know that there are only so many Nazi documentaries you can make, but damn! This and their 10 trillion shows about guns, snipers and doomsday scenarios…It’s all an indication that they are trying to cash in on the 2012 uneasyness that a lot of folks are dealing with. Not to mention the economic turmoil going on right now. Come on . Keep that type of thing where it belongs : In the fertile mind of a hollywood action movie director and the silver screen.


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