That’s IT !!!

Posted: 2011/10/12 in NBA

                   I have had it up to here!!!….Well, you can’t see where my hands are ( this being a blog and all, you are not actually looking at me) but believe me, all 5’5″ of me is heated and my hands are extended pretty high in the air (for me). The National Basketball Association (NBA) in what many industry insiders have called a “bold new marketing strategy” have started its  fuck you, fans  marketing campaign. In this departure from the more fan-oriented nba cares campaign, the players and the owners have allowed their little lock-out drama play on wayyyy too long.

                  Yes, it seems as though the NBA has finally stopped giving a shit and there are quite a few casualties…The NBA pre-season, the NBA summer leagues, fan support and more recently the first two weeks of the 2011-2012 regular season games…But don’t worry everyone, some of the NBA players have secured deals to play in  other countries, so they will continue to make lots and lots of money…”What of the owners?”, you say? Well don’t worry about them either, many of these NBA owners have other ventures that will allow them to continue making money too. Why else would these “struggling” multi-millionaires decide to “close the doors” on the very thing that makes them money? Whew, and I was beginning to worry for these gentlemen! Meanwhile, I’ve had to settle for watching a FIBA basketball game this summer ! FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball) !!

             As usual, the fans and the thousands of workers who depend on an NBA season are the ones that will suffer the most, not these millionaires . While I understand the league’s need to turn a substantial profit , I stop short of ONLY blaming the players as some have chosen to do. I think they all are to blame for what’s happening. Sure, the NBA players could relent a bit and scale back salaries…But, the owners could also learn how to manage a team…Being an owner isn’t an investment without risk. Every financial venture has risks and rewards and they should act accordingly. Imagine if every time Walmart showed a quarterly loss (as some of these owners are claiming) , they decided to lower the wages of their employees…There is an obivous difference , but you get the point…They are tainting their own product by going with a lock-out (so that they can make a quick buck because the league’s popularity is at a high). These owners don’t care about basketball…They will move on to a new venture as soon as basketball’s corpse is cremated. The players are no better. While some of them secure their international deals with other teams and other leagues, they seem to have forgotten about the “love and respect” for “American basketball”. Baby? check. Bath water? check. Fans and employees of the many arenas all over the country? Who cares, right?

           When this all started, I never imagined that these players and owners  would let it  drag on past  a few weeks before they “kissed and made up”. Well, here we are…It’s the middle of October (practically) and there is no end to the lock-out in sight. I have loved the NBA since I was  ten years old (at least). It is the only sport I watch and the only sport I love. It saddens me to type this last sentence: SCREW the NBA with its selfish players AND selfish owners!


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